Man and woman standing in front of building with glass facade. Photo.
Operations manager Ole Sørlie and centre manager Gro Collett. Photo: Thon Eiendom

With beehives and new technology, Ski Storsenter won the sustainability award

"We're saving energy costs for the tenants. And that way, we also reduce our footprint," says the centre's manager.

Beehives on the roof, a large centre garden and sensors that measure and regulate consumption. With these measures, Ski Storsenter recently won an award for sustainable operations. Read what they have done to cut consumption – and thereby energy costs for the stores in the centre.


New technology reduces costs for tenants

It is perhaps technology and resource use that impressed the jury at the 2022 Shopping Centre Conference the most.

Operations manager Ole Sørlie says that they have 44 sensors inside the centre that measure Co2, temperature and humidity.

"We’ve reduced energy consumption equivalent to the consumption of 130 households," he says.

To limit energy consumption, the shopping centre also has LED lighting in all common areas, as well as a system that regulates the air pressure so that heat does not escape unnecessarily during the winter or come in during the summer.

Centre manager Gro Collett believes that the focus on energy saving benefits both them and society.

"We're saving energy costs for the tenants. And that way, we also reduce our footprint," she says.


Centre garden and local honey production

Outside the centre, they have turned what used to be an ordinary green area into a large garden with benches, tables and 5,000 bee-friendly plants.

"It is not enough to plant flowers, the flowers must be insect-friendly, so that the insects can actually benefit from them," the centre manager continues.

The insect-friendly garden is directly linked to what is happening on the centre's roof. This is where you find beekeeper Alexander Du Rietz, along with thousands of bees who live in four hives, each with its own queen.

"The bees fly around Ski city centre in the summer and collect nectar, which becomes the centre’s own-produced honey. You can buy it at the customer service desk here at the centre," says the beekeeper.

- Stores and employees are proud

The Director of Shopping Centres in the Olav Thon Group, Thomas Rønning, is impressed with the work of Ski Storsenter.

"Both the operations team and the centre management at Ski have gone into this with an impressive level of detail. We see great creativity and motivation on the part of the centre's management in this," he says.

There were several nominees and winners from the Olav Thon Group at this year’s shopping centre conference.

Gro Collett thinks it is fun with all the congratulations they have received after the award.

"And, not least, we’ve been given the opportunity to tell the outside world about all the good work. The stores and employees also feel a great sense of pride in being part of both the work and the award," she concludes.